One Dilijan is the first construction company that works with the Project Management model.

Before starting the actual work, our team plans and calculates the possible risks and budgets for the complete project package, which is aimed at the realization of the relevant goals of the investment project.

As the first construction company in Dilijan that works with a project management model, One Dilijan’s professional team creates and offers a complete service package and brings to life all stages of real estate and commercial building construction, from concept development to branding, management, and operation of the ready structure.

Our unique approach to each project makes us stand out in the market. All projects developed by One Dilijan are carried out with the utmost consideration and at the highest level as a result of detailed studies and research. The project development takes place in several stages.
  • Concept development, land selection, and preparation, construction model, sketches,
  • The investment plan, initial budget and financial model, provision of legal issues, project planning,
  • Complete design and construction package, project branding/packaging, advertising campaigns, and sales.

The first stage of construction includes concept creation – the development of the general idea of the project and the selection and preparation of land. At this stage, the team presents the project’s most optimal solutions, provides the construction model, and offers the buyer/customer several sketch options.

The professional team of One Dilijan deals with the calculation of the preliminary budget necessary for the realization of the project. We offer a financial model and the most profitable solutions for every option.

After selecting the site and land, our team organizes the design and construction works safely and promptly under architectural supervision.

We provide accurate quality management and safe execution of works. Our team guarantees full compliance of results with the highest standards of construction of real estate and commercial structures.

Before the project is operational, we offer a complete marketing package for the latter: branding, advertising campaigns, and sales.

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